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possible recurrence

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I had papillary thyroid cancer 13 years ago. I had a total thyroidectomy and go for a thyroglobulin test yearly. My numbers were in the decimals. Last year I went through surgery, chemo and radiation for breast cancer and my thyroglobulin was up to 4. The doctor said that it was not related to the breast cancer. This year the thyroglobulin is up to 9! My TSH level was too high, so the doctor increased my synthroid dose. Now I have to wait 8 weeks with the new dose before I can repeat the blood tests in case the TSH is affecting the thyroglobulin. I had a PET scan follow up for the breast cancer this week. It was clear. I'm thinking that I'm having a recurrence of the thyroid cancer, but it is still too small to show up on the PET scan. Any body have any experience with this?

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I'm afraid don't have any relevant experience to offer. I am just a recent thyroid cancer patient and have never had a recurrence. But I wondered, have you tried asking your doctor for a radioiodine scan? Maybe this would detect something that the PET scan may have missed, unless you already know that radioiodine scans don't work for you. Just an idea.

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Yes, expereince I wish I did not have. PET can't find microscopic CA. I'd get an ultrasound ASAP. Be picky as to where it is done. Maybe a 2nd opinion is in order.
usually TSH up mean Tg up and they want you supressed better.
Recurrence is usually in regional nodes and only ultrasound can see that!

Best wishes.

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Thanks for the info. My doctor is suppressing me more and I have a repeat blood test scheduled for April 28. If the Tg is still high, my doctor said he'll want me to get an ultrasound.

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hmm. i have a similar case. I had papillary thyroid cancer - had total thyroidectomy and I-131 last spring. this year it was detected in my blood test- ut not in my radioactive iodine scan. they found a chain of them in my neck using a PET scan. I'm still waiting to see if i should get surgery or radiation. I have Kaiser - but want to get a second opinion. not sure how i can get one. must be frustrating for you as well. good luck with it- try different tests. maybe it'll show up. I like llcrozier777 and Bonnie76's advice. :-)

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did you get the thyroid cancer and then the breast cancer and how long in between cancers before the other showed up?? its going on 1yr that i have been in remission from thyroid cancer,it took 2yrs to come clean. I'm now scared it is going to spread to breasts. thank you valerie

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