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second recurrence

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1. March 05 colon cancer IIIC, surgery &
2. October 06 liver mets ( 3 cm x 2.5 cm isolated) and ovary mets (3 cm x 3 cm); chemo-surgery- chemo from Nov. 06 to June 07.
3. March 08 liver mets (1x1 on surface) again.
Now, my doctors recommended to have a liver surgery again, and said it will be a simple one with curative intention.
Anyone out there experience multiple recurrences? Is a later recurrence necessarily worse than the earlier one?
Would like to hear from you, any thoughts will be appreciated.

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I've had a liver resection, but my onc said I wouldn't be able to have another one. Maybe it depends on how large the resection was and that they have made progess in the last 2 years with colon cancer. I would say you are lucky they can cut it out. If you are concerned though, get a second opinion.
Jo Ann

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I wouldn't say a later recurrance is worse than an earlier one. Rather it is more the location and how treatable it is. The fact that they are talking about surgery to remove it with a curative intent is wonderful.

We will be praying that the surgery goes well so you can enjoy many more years with NED.


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I've had multiple recurrences. I've also read that having a liver resection done the 2nd time increases your chances of survival. I've had 2 recurrences in the lung and 2 in the liver. The first recurrence in the liver I had the liver resection. The second one I had chemoembolization and RFA done. It's always said that surgery provides the best chance for cure. Best of luck.


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Hubby had liver resection . CT tomorrow so of course praying for no reoccurance, but I have read that second resections can be curative and if you believe in stats, a later reoccurance is "better" than an earlier one. Keep the faith . Sending prayers. God Bless,

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Thanks to everyone for responding my questions and for your prayers.
Dear Diane, good luck to your Hubby for the CT, we all will be praying for him.


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