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update stage 4

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Hello all. I read these daily but often late and either can't remember my password or get too caught up in other stuff to reply but I think of all of you daily. I head up to Satnford tomorrow for my 3 month scan..8:00 am and Onc appt at 2:00. He is now famous as he is the onc for Patrick Swayze so I'm "glad" I got my appoinment early (3 months ago). Hey wish me luck and god bless you all

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Sending good thoughts and prayers that you will receive good results on your scan. Hugs, Audrey.

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best of luck for a can't find a thing on your scan scan. Believe it to be so.

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Good luck on the scan! Let us know.

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Hoping all goes well tomorrow. I will be saying extra prayers for you.


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Good luck on your scans and hope you run into Patrick while waiting. You can tell us a great story when you return. Make it up, we'll never know.
Jo Ann

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I guess by now you have had the scan. Crossing my fingers and praying you get good news when you see the oncologist.

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