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Good thoughts

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Hi everyone. Tomorrow I am heading to my first follow up appointment after ending chemo in December. I try to tell myself it's all going to be okay - but you know how it is, the night before and I'm feeling anxious. I'm just asking for you to take a moment and send me positive thoughts tomorrow. I'd so appreciate it.

My best to you all! Hugs.

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Kris..I am sending all my best thoughts and prayers to you...along with a hug. Hope everything is all good news! Cindy

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Hi Kris:
You surely have my prayers, thoughts and lots of hugs. I know all about the 'anxiety' before a test, before an appointment, etc. Be sure to let us know how things go. Keep the faith and stay strong!

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We all know how your feeling. I coming up on 4 years and I still have my moments...it gets easier though. You find that you worried for nothing!!! All will be ok,he might do an internal exam,then order a ca-125. unless he feels something that will be it for another 3 months or so. Good luck..I'll keep all my fingers and toes vrossed for you!!! (((hugz)))~~~Joanne

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Positive thoughts for you as well as prayers for your peace and a long remission. (((HUGS)))

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Hi Kris,
You have all my prayers,positive thoughts and lots of ((((HUGZ)))))Terry

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Hi Kris,
I am definately sending you bunches of hugs, good thoughts and prayers. It is very nerve wracking waiting for test results and having visits with your doctor, sometimes I have a hard time believing that this is my life now being checked for cancer, it is so surreal. Please let us know how everything goes. Stay positive and never ever lose faith.

Take Care,

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