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Platelet counts

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Has anyone else had trouble with platelet counts and missing a chemo? My onc in Tx would let me get down to 50 and still have the chemo, but this guys magic number is 100. I went from 124 two weeks ago to 76. He won't budge on this...I am a bit frustrated. I also missed my first scheduled treatment here after the 4week moving process when the count was 90. Anyone have any thoughts? It is upsetting me to have the difference. This is my second round of chemo...1st one was 16 rounds of the ususal 5FU, Oxaliplatin and Avastin. Now have Folfiri...irinotecan. dx 6/06, stage IV, mets to liver

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They can give you transfusions of just platelets, ask about it. You may want to check to see if your insurance will cover it first.Luckily I never had any problem with low platelets, only white cells and had to have Neupogen shots between treatments.
How was the CCA seminar at Moffitt? Did you learn anything and which doctor are you seeing there?
I know delays are so frustrating. Good Luck!!

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My chemo was long ago, but I had to miss a couple of treatments due to high liver panels and low white blood counts. Be your own advocate and gain all the information you can so you can be an active participant in the decision making for your treatment.



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I developed low platelet counts after radiation/chemo/surgery/chemo. The lowest I got was 66 but have crawled back up to 88 and fell again into the 60's. Onc didn't stop any of my treatments and said he would only if I fell into the 40's. It been just about two years and my white blood cells have returned to normal but not my plateletts still hang out in the upper 60's to the upper 80's. Onc says it takes time to get back to normal. However, I was stage III and only on xeloda not anything like the chemo your doing.

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