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Help-question about colostomy

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I hope someone on here can tell me. When the doc did my colostomy he left a very large crater as I call it and my ostomy is down in the crater. He says he had to do that because I was overweight. Today I went in for a checkup and he told me it would eventually heal but that it would take a very,very long time because of the stool going into a open wound. My home health/ostomy nurse says she has seen a few like mine and they always stay that way. My doc was a general surgeon. Should I find a surgeon spec in our problem and get a second opinion? I was so upset when I saw my colostomy as it is like none I have ever seen.

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I had a temporary colostomy on my left side, but mine consisted of one end of my colon as the ostomy and the part inside was just stiched up until my resection surgery.

The best way to describe it is, a round hole with a 1" stub sticking out. My colostomy bag and flange went around the area.

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Find a colorectal surgeon. You'll never have peace of mind unless you get a second opinion. Good luck.

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A couple of thoughts.
First, find a good colo-rectal surgeon and get another opinion. Also see if the same office can offer an experienced ostomy nurse.
Second, you might want to consider your options for the wafer that attaches to your skin. maybe a convex design would be better to allow your skin to heal up; couple that with proper liquid bandage and powder combination. You really need to take care of the skin area.

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