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Radiation in addition to Radioactive Iodine?

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A dear friend(70+)with thyroid cancer called and wanted my opinion on radiation(I have rectal cancer). She said her doctor had suggested radiation in addition to radioactive Iodine. I didn't know what to tell her. The neck differs a bit from the pelvic area. She is afraid of radiation and is trying to make a decision on what to do. I don't know what her cancer was staged at, but she did have her thyroid removed and she does have some spots in her lungs. The doctor told her if she has the Iodine treatment without radiation she has 2 yrs. Is there any good advise I can share with her?

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I have thyroid cancer and have been down her same road. I even have spread into my lungs...all I can say is that she needs to get as much information as possible...and f that is what it taks to save her life, then there doesn't seem to be much of a decision to make. Don't let the cancer win! If I can do anything, even just say an extra prayer~ please let me know.

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