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Radio frequency ablation

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I am new to this site. My father in law was recently diagnosed with nsclc and prostate ca. Upon doing the ct to check for mets after the prostate dx, they found the lung mass. After several trips to a thoracic surgeon and 3 biopsy's we finally have a dx. (Prostate ca was found 12/27/07, lung dx finally on 3/14/08.) He is not a canidate for surgery due to his pulmonary function tests and the location of the tumor. He has an appt with an oncologist tomm. to discuss treatment. However, after reading a recent article re: RFA I have contacted a Dr. Christos Georgiades at Johns Hopkins. He said he feels he is a canidate for RFA and is now reviewing his lung ct we sent him.
Hope to hear from him tommorrow. I am afraid this will be a long shot, as the surgeon stated he would not be a radiation treatment canidate as it is in the hilar region. But, we felt we had to try, as our only other option is just Chemo. My father in law is 77, but a very active 77. (Plants a garden, drives backhoe, he can work circles around me!!) However it turns out, we had to try and look for something!! Dr. Georgiades states in his article that many Drs. are not aware of this procedure and that pts need to seek it out. My father in laws tumor is 3cm x 3.2 cm and Dr. Georgiades said he thought he had a 70-80% chance of a cure. Has anyone had lung RFA or know of someone?

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I'm not familiar with that procedure personally though I've heard of it, but I LOVE Johns Hopkins. They've got some of the most incredible doctors in the world there and they've seen me through two different dx's of cancer: breast and lung. Best wishes on treatment and recovery!


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I am a stage IV NSCLC patient who has been through 2 unsuccessful rounds of chemo. I want to get a second opinion at Johns Hopkins. Do you have any contact recommendations for an oncologist?

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