Medication Side Effects -- heartburn

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I have a friend wiht GBM who is taking keppra for seizures and it gives her a terrible burn. This has become much worse since she started avastin and another drug which impact the mucosal tissue. The steroid she takes to reduce swelling also causes heartburn. Rice and rice cakes help, but they are constipating. Does anyone have any suggestions for what could provide relief from this symptom? Any help would be appreciated.

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    oh my dear my brother is on keppra also and it is hard on the tummy , as well as the other meds one thing that seems to help is crackers, and he is now on his 2nd dose of temadar and this makes him sick as well but he can keep down his insure drinks we keep them in the freezer ,i will pray for your friend you might want to have them to ask the doctor about the mixture of all the meds to.i wish you and yours health and a long life
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    I am on Keppra,topomax and frissium. My doctor put me on Nexium.Another alternative might be pantoloc. Hope this helps.