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Been a while, but your all in my thoughts

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It's been a bit crazy for me for the last two months. I've accepted a promotion at work which has kept me extremely busy and working a lot of overtime right now due to a consolidation, but just want you to all know that not a day goes by when I don't think of all of you and keep you in my prayers. Bob(my hubby) is doing very well. It's been 5 mos since his liver resection and he will be having another follow up ct on 4/1. Of course, everyone knows waiting on tests results is difficult and since we've had so many different opinions(for those of you who remember lol) it will be doubly anxious, but we are keeping the faith and hoping for another NED . We've also decided to go on a cruise in May. Figured it was about time , since it's been like 25 years since we've had a real vacation. Want to tell you newbies to keep the faith. Your welcome to read my personal web page, but long story short, hubby stage 4, now NED after 9 chemo treatmens, 2 surgeries and initially being told inoperable, SO KEEP THE FAITH! Don't ever lose hope!
God Bless you all

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hi diane,
great news about bob. praying for ned on 4/1.
have a great time on the cruise,what line and where are you going? my family loves cruising.
be well
never,ever give up.

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Hi Bruce. I hope you are well. We are cruising from NY City to Florida, and then on to the Bahamas . ( no flying for me lol) We are very much looking forward to it and I'll definately let you know how we like it. Going on NCL. Keep the faith ! God Bless

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Congratulations on the promotion, Diane! But, don't work too hard! Glad you are both doing well and looking forward to your trip in May. You and your husband will be in my prayers as he gets closer to his his check up in April. Keep the faith! Have a great Easter.


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