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Does it get better?

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I am 20 years old and in university at the moment. I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in october after going through about 5 months of testing and waiting for results. I had a total thyroidectomy about 2 weeks after i was diagnosed and had the iodine treatment. Now all this happened very fast and i was never really able to come to terms with it.

I realize there are a lot of other cancers that are worse or dont have as good of a cure rate as mine, but i cant help but feel completely lost.

My problem now is that i still dont feel like my self! I used to be really bubbly and outgoing and lately ive been very edgy. My boyfriend was amazing through the surgery and recovery although now we've been having some tough times. Ive been very needy (which is not like me) and I've been very depressed. I know i expect o alot from him and surprised he's stayed with me for this long but i wish i could get back to the way we were before all this. When i'm with my friends and peers at school i brush off what happened as if it was just something that i went through but i still dont feel right. If that makes sense. Ive been trying to get back to "normal" but i really dont know what that is anymore. Im not really doing well in school and my hopes of getting into med school seem to be becoming more of a dream then any kind of reality.

I just feel like everything is completely falling apart around me and there doesnt seem to be any light at the end of this dark tunnel.

does it get better??? cause at the moment i really dont see what the point is anymore.

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I saw your message. My 21 year old daughter was diagnosed with thyroid cancer Jan 2 and since then it has become very serious. We have found out the cancer is in her chest too and either laying on or wrapped around major blood supply. My daughter and her two year son lives with me and I am so scared. After several doctor visits there is a chest surgeon that wants to operate and see what he can do. So, April 17 my daughter will have her thyroid taken out followed by the chest surgeon. I am so scared she is such a loving full of life woman. I can't loose her and her son needs her too. Your age caught my eye and things will get better for you keep strong..

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It gets better. It just takes time for the body to adjust to the synthroid. It took me about a year or so to feel "normal" again. Hang in there it DOES get better.

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It does get better...you will still have your bad days and your good days, but soon the ood will out-weigh the bad. Stay strong and don't feel bad for leaning on someone a little. Even some of us...walking down this road together.

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Yes, everything you wrote makes perfect sense to me!
Your body has been through an ordeal and your hormones affect your brain and all parts of you! Given time, I came to fell O K with much of that loss.
For many, myself included, time needs to heal emotions and body. I was DX thyCA while PG, misscarried, then did trmt- TT, RAI while my 2 yr old wondered what was going on. Six yr later I had a lymph node reinvolved and CA again.

I am now able to look at it differntly than I did, to see my life as still going forward. I also realize there just will be some sick days and unpredictable days. This makes sense as we have removed an organ that does amazing things in regulation metabolism, etc and put a 'dose' of a man-,ade pill in its place!

Hang on- there is a plan for your life!

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this is a late response- but after reading your thread I really wanted to share my thoughts with you.

I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer last spring- about 3 months before my WEDDING!! within a matter of a week- i was tested and took the next open appointment to have a total thyroidectomy. The wedding gave me something to look forward to.

this year- the cancer has come back. i'm due to have surgery next TUESDAY 4/22. I find myself falling more attached to my husband and feeling more depressed. I'm usually bubbly as well- but the cancer has taken a piece of me. I started to change my perspective. Because life can always be worse. i allow myself to have moments of depression and "pity parties" BUT then move on.

I'm a fighter. I'm a survivor. and there is so much more in life i want to experience. we're blessed to have family and friends around us supporting us and this network of survivors to share our experience. papillary thyroid cancer is one "best" cancer to have- it is treatable. that's a lot to be thankful for :-) be gentle with yourself- allow your self to feel sad- you don't always have to be the one to put on a happy face. good luck. hang in there! remember you're a survivor! :-)

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