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Nursing Home Abuse

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I need suggestions if anyone has any. My dad is in a nursing home because he is slowly passing from a brain tumor. He has been there 3 1/2 months. The first month everything was good. After that I started to notice that his room was not getting cleaned and I would find old urine on the floor.He would have the same clothes on for days at a time and he was not being cleaned up. I complained about this and things started to change. 2 weeks ago he received a 2nd degree burn on his hand from the broken vent next to his bed. His hand fell into the vent and stayed there around a hour before Hospice found it. The vent has been broken since he's been there. I also found out that he has 2 bedsores on his back and one on his foot. He has doctors orders that they are supposed to take him out of bed 3 times a day and they have not been doing that either. I have complained and they have not done anything. My cousin went in a couple of days ago and had had enough and ripped the nurse and cna, she told them she wanted my dad moved to another room and within the hour he was moved. I feel so powerless when it comes to this place. I see my dad every other day and they know that I am there watching, but they don't care. I need advise on who to complain to to make things better for my dad and everyone else in the nursing home. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

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Hello..Is there anything posted on any bulletin board regarding complaints about the nursing home? There should be something posted that tells you if you have questions or concerns, where to go or who to contact. I know how hard this must be for you. One of the biggest things in nursing homes is the understaffing. When I was taking care of my Mom I was determined to keep her out of a nursing home and I did. But it was not easy. The closest she got was in a step-down unit at the hospital. I stayed with her pretty much 24/7 and got to see a LOT. Due to there only being one/two nurses at night on that whole floor, it would be easy to neglect things. I would find out who you can speak with and voice your concerns. Sometimes the patients that can't speak for themselves get forgotten. I wish you all the best. Cindy

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Hi,I'm so sorry. I know how difficult this is for you. Though I tried, my mom finally had to go into a nursing home because she had alzheimer's. We arranged to have someone visit mom every day at different times, and I also paid someone to go in evenings a few times a week. Every time we saw a problem we went directly to the unit manager...and it was corrected. If this doesn't work for you, your state should have a department or division of the elderly which oversees nursing homes. Try contacting them. Hope this helps. You are in a difficult situation, will keep you and your dad in my prayers. RoseAnn

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Please take a look at this:


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My thoughts are with both you and your father. I know we have several good places to get help: the local TV station is always looking for news, we have Clarkhoward.com and he can definitely give you advice where to go and what to do. Go to your State Department website and call the main operator, ask her to direct your call for help. I'm shocked the hospice is not helping you with these problems...that is suppose to be one of their functions, check with the better business with your area. It sounds like you are not as "loud" as your cousin so get him/her to help you. Keep a log, date, time, and if need especially about the burn, that is neglect and I'd see an attorney. Your father is the first and remember you are the BOSS, you pay them....Angela

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