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Stage4 Lung bone met what is next?

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My boyfriend was diagnosed with lung cancer with met to many bones in Aug. He had positive pleural effusion.They could not operate or treat with radiation as the cancer was to spread out.He did have pallative 10 treatments of radiation to neck as tumors were sitting on spine causing a lot of pain. He finished his last chemo 2 weeks ago and is being scanned today. He is going to dr. Monday for results. I have a gut feeling news will not be good as he seems to be uncomfortable. I am so afraid if she recomends no more treatment. I know we will have to go for second opinion.People keep trying to throw the word hospice in but I want to wait until we get second. He still gets around and has started eating again. Does anyone have any treatments that have worked for them that I can ask dr about...Thanks Debbie

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Dear Dscott:

No one knows what will happen with any diagnosis. Do everything that you both can do for his health. Keep the faith and know that God will take care of you and your boyfriend! I will pray for you both to have the strength to get through this hard time.

Let me know if I can help you and your boyfriend in any way. Please let me know how you both are doing.

Much Love and many prayers,


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Madelyn, Thank you so much for your kind letter...We are just waiting for the results of the scans on Mon. As long as he is still here there is hope.. Thank you again...Debbie

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