AMS' AdVance Sling System

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In addition to their AMS 800 artificial sphincter and InVance sling systems, American Medical Systems now offers a new less invasive AdVance sling system for treatment of male incontinence following prostatectomy. Anyone heard how the AdVance system is performing? The AMS web site shows only early results following introduction last year.


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    Last Friday I visited the office of a nearby Urologist/Surgeon who is recommended by American Medical Systems as trained in their various urinary control systems including the well-known AMS 800 artificial sphincter. I specifically wanted to know if he performed the AdVance Sling System and if he recommended it. He called today to say that AMS' latest system (AdVance) is not successful. Perhaps that is why there are no followup reports of it's success following introduction a couple years ago. Yet, the AMS website continues to tout AdVance.