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Endometrial Recurrence

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In January of 2006 my Mom had a total hysterectomy and was diagnosed with Stage 1A grade 2 endometrial cancer. She is 54, has never smoked or been overweight and is otherwise healthy. 18 lymph nodes were removed and sampled and were all negative for the disease, a wash was also negative. As a result, she had no additional treatment after the surgery. She began experiencing some back and hip pain last year and in the fall a catscan showed that she had a few enlarged lymph nodes in her pelvis. A biopsy was negative and the next catscan was stable to the first. A catscan 3 months later showed that the lymph node had grown and the biopsy this time was positive for a recurrence of the disease. We are shocked because we were told she was such a low risk for a recurrence. Has anyone else been though this? What happens now?

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Hi. I'm so sorry your mother and your family are dealing with this. Although I seem to have read that reoccurrence is not that common with that stage and with the treatment (i.e. surgery), it is not unheard of. What I would like to recommend is that your family get tested for genetic anomalies. My family carries a mutant gene which causes colon, endometrial, bladder, kidney & some other cancers. With HNPCC (our bane) the risk for endometrial cancer is as high as 70% by age 70 and 85% for colon cancer by the same age. I myself had colon and endometrial cancer within the same year at age 49/50. So a genetic test is not out of order even as an indicator for the rest of the family. I will be praying for all of you.

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Your mom's situation is certainly not unique, I'm sure. I know a woman who was diagnosed with very low stage ovarian cancer who apparently didn't benefit from chemo much, and it recurred shortly after she finished it. From your other post that I commented on, it sounds as though the doctors are going to take a very aggressive stance to fight it - perhaps it's the nature of the cells that are being dealt with. Uterine cancer is one of the most common cancers of women, and many are treated successfully with surgery.

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So sorry to hear about your mom's recurrence.
I too had endo cancer. It was diagnosed 3 years ago. I had 2B-adenocarcinoma.
The doctor said the borders were clean and he felt that they got it all. I had a complete hyst and several nodes removed. I also had a canister radiation that was put directly into the vagina. They felt if it were to return it most be the vaginal cuff where it might go.
I also had 30 radiation treatments to the pelvis

Since then, I have been diagnosed this past June with it in both my lungs, I took 6 chemo treatments.
I am now in remission. For how long, who knows? But I am glad I am getting a little break from it now. My best wishes to you and your mom and your family. I know how hard it is to deal with this, but it definitely has the capacity to make a family closer.

This June they discoverd that the endo cancer cells had invaded both my lungs. I was pretty shocked, since the doctor seemed so sure

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I too have been diagnosed with 2B adeno, uterine. I had a radical hysterectomy 21 lymph nodes clear. I am uncomfortable about the treatment recommendations and am still trying to decide what to do. they are unsure if it is really uterine or cervical and want to give me a big blast of both treatments to cover their bases. I am seeking a second opinion. 9 weeks since the surgery and I feel great. I hate the thoughts of being sick for 8 more months of treatments... I am confused!

Going to Illinois to Cancer treatment center of America. Swedish Hosp and Fred Hutchinson in Seattle have not helped me.

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I am sorry about your Mom, reading about her has worried me. I too, was diagnosed with endometrial cancer (stage 1B grade)and had a total hysterectomy two years ago this month.  The doctor had done a pap smear and uterine biopsy which both came back negative.  My uterus was very enlarged and I was bleeding heavily so I opted for the hysterectomy since I also had P.C.O.S and a lot of irregular bleeding with that.  After the hysterectomy the doctor told me I had endometrial cancer which came as a surprise to both of us.  He did not test any lymph nodes and nothing further was done. I do see him every four months for Paps which so far have been negative.  The doctor told me I have an 80% chance of recurrence even though the cancer was low grade.  Has anyone else been told this after total hysterectomy for this type of cancer? 

Prayers go out to all who are struggling with cancer, one day I hope it really will be stomped but good! 

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Why did your doctor say you have an 80% change of recurrence?  Did you have any chemo or radiation??



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