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Update:radiation colitis

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My husband had his sigmoid on 2-20. The doctor told him the area looks better but he still took 3 biopsies to be sure of no recurrence. Get the results next week. He also will be doing his pet scans every 6 months instead of three. Does this sound right? He is stage 3 rectal cancer 2 years in May from surgery still ned.

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I assume your doc is expecting the biopsies to come back negetive. moving from a every three month to a every six month is not uncommon after two years NED. congrats on good news in advance.

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Mark is right....we 'graduate' at 2 years to less intense monitoring...2 years with(out) rectal seems to be the time the OTHER 'C' word starts being said....'Cure'....

Hugs, kathi

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Oh... I can't wait to "graduate"... these CT scans every 3 months reactivate my diarrhea and nausea issues.

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