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my dad

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my dad has stage 4 cancer he has been fighting for aver a year now they only gave him 6 months. he is always in and out of hospitols. i often wonder if he is not telling us 5 daughters something

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Do you know what kind of surgery/treatment he has had? How old is he? My experience with elderly parents and in-laws is that they still want some independence and they don't want to be a burden. The men particularly want to face death their own way, without losing their manhood.

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Sounds like you know all the important facts: Like being stage 4 and the doctors only giving him 6 months.
My father didn't tell the family any of this - we had to find out when they had him in the intensive care unit.

As long as he's still in and out of the hospital he is still fighting - and that is the important part.

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The experts gave me 6 months...3 years ago...

That said, keep tabs on him...love him...he is obviously still up for the fight. The trouble with stage 4 is that it is more likely to be a chronic condition that he will fight off and on for the rest of his life...many take prophalactic (sp?) chemo to lessen the chance of reoccurance...

Love him, he obviously loves you all!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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