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high pitch

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Those with colon spread to the lungs (as we are told my fathers has) :
Have you noticed a change in your voice (is it higher pitched as before?)

... or is that related to the fact that he had a breathing tube in for a week?

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I had mets in both lungs last year and had both surgically removed. I never had any signs or symptoms for either, only rising CEA and after waiting several months, they grew to 1 cm and could be seen on CT scan, then removed. Thankfully I've never had a breathing tube in for a week either, only during surgery, so I didn't notice any voice changes. Ask your doctor about this. Good Luck and God Bless to your Father.

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I have "innumerable" tumors in my lungs. My voice is the same. I had some croaking and hoarseness when I was on oxaliplatin. I don't notice any problems with my lungs. The doctor keeps listening for any rattling sounds, but always says my lungs sound clear. I would think his vocal chords were traumatized by the tube.

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The voice change is undoubtedly from the breathing tube. It should return to normal as the vocal cords recover (they get stretched out and traumatized by the tube) unless some permanent damage occurred, which doesn't happen too much.


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