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nasal pharanasal

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my nephew whow is 13 was diagnosed with this cancer is there any one elses child with this form of cancer.

there is not much information on this love to hear from anyone i am a stressed auntie wanting to help her nephew

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I'm not familiar with this type cancer but I am a cancer patient. I have run into several great areas to help figure this out. I have used a magazine I received at the oncologist that has great resources. The site is www.patientresource.net or call 816-584-8227 ext 26 to get a free copy. It has resources throughtout the USA. The totally best magazine with entire guidance is Caring4Cancer Check at any oncologist office and see if they have it. It is free. Also the website has videos and etc. www.caring4cancer.com This site has been my life saver on this board and chatroom with ACS. They have a number that is 24/7 and are extremely helpful. Once they even researched for me and a real nurse called me back and talked about 30 minutes. The ASC number is 1800-227-2345 and is fantastic. I will see what research I can do because I work with middle schoolers for 30 years and love the preteens. YOu are being a wonderful aunt. Angela

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I did some quick research:
The spelling is Nasal Paranasal Tumors
The best site I found was from the Mayo Clinic which I have personally used quite a bit. Just copy and past this site to read
If you look at the bottom of the page, there is a link for Treatment of Children & Adolescents
This next link is more medical
If you look to the left of the article, you will see about options for surgery/chemo etc.
This is a good site from the National Cancer Institute
If this does not open, go to www.cancer.gov and put in the search
If you look to the left of the site, you can find a place"get more information from NCI. I see they even have a live chat that you can actually speak with a professional. I'm not sure what part of the work you and your nephew are from but there are a ton of resources to tap into. I hope this helps. If you need more help, email on the site. Angela

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my name is gunnar and i have this type of cancer at stage 3 i`m 17 and a senior in highschool i had 6 months of treatment chemo/radiation thearpy and are curnetly still going through teatment if theres any questions that you whould like to know about you can email me at gunnarpiner@gmail.com

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hi sweetheart i hope you ok my nephew has just finished his treatment his hair fell out and his neck got burned. but he is ok know but he still has not had his final sscan to see if the cancer has gone.

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I had the same type of cancer also when i was 13. i am 18 yrs old now and i have been cancer free for almost 5 yrs. if he ever needs anyone to talk to please feel free to ask. i know the year after i was sick was just as hard as the year i was and i would of loved having someone who went through the same thing as me to talk to. and if u ever have any questions my mom could answer please ask.

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