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ct/pet scan update

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Hi all, it has been a while for me posting but wanted to send an update. quick history. Feb 2004 stage II CC had resection and all great. re-occurance one year later. stage IV spread to my Peritoneum. I am currently on my 5th go at chemo. Further surgeries are no longer an option. I had my CT pet scan today and not great news but not horrible either. The re-occurance keeps coming back in the original area tumor was found. This has been the biggest growth area. Currently the tumor has shrunk slightly and some other questionable areas are no longer lighting up. so at worst the chemo is stopping any new spread.

This is a tough challange we all have been given and sometimes it seems to get the best of us. I am very tired as of recent but certainly not to tired to fight.

Wishing you all improved health and happiness for always.


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