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So after my father recovered from the ICU and colon ulcerations that cased blood poisoning
(After he learned to walk again and broke his arm for being unsteady on his feet after 3 weeks steady of being in bed)
... We took him home to recover there.
My brother and I made an appointment with his family doctor a week of him being home and walked him into the office after he had been in a wheel chair for many weeks now.
It is what the doctor said that puzzles me: He told my father that he knows that the oncologists can't make any promises since they are dealing with chemo.
... but that he (the family doctor) thinks our father will do well because my brother and I have "great physical confidence".
What the heck is "great physical confidence"?
... is that the same as just plane confidence?!?

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I'm a physician and have to admit I have no clue to what that doctor is referring. You might want to ask him again what he means.


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Thanks , Dick!!

I thought for a moment it was my own personal language barrier.
Maybe it was just an attempt at giving hope packaged as praise.


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