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Carcinoid (Lungnoid)

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Is there anyone out there who has had this type of cancer, and had surgery to remove the tumor from the lung. I just want to talk. I'm going thru a depression period and I'm trying to cope as best as I can.

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I recommend you also post on the Lung Cancer discussion board. There you may find others with a similar experience.

I wish you the best on your recovery and survivorship.

Take care,


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try the carconoidcancerfoundation.org website they may be able to give the information you need

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Please take a look at this:


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there are quite a few online support groups available that you can find under support groups on the carcinoid cancer foundations web site.

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I was diagnosed in April 2007 with lung cancer Atypical Carcinoid. I had surgery to remove the tumor. The surgery was somewhat successful but the tumor had invaded my blood stream so I am still fighting an ongoing battle. Remember to stay positive. I try to focus on all the positives in my life --my children, family, friends. I see the world in a new light and God
has blessed me in so many ways. God Bless and stay positive.

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Hi I was diagnosed with a carcinoid tumor on my left lung, I had surgery and they removed 3/4 of my lung. They told me that they removed the lymphnodes surrounding and it has not spread. I to would like to talk to anybody with the same lung cancer. I just turned 40 and never smoked. I still can't believe that 6 months ago I had the surgery which went ok but the 5 ribs they broke to get the lung out still hurt me today. I feel like I am all alone here, I try to talk with my husband and friends and family and they tell me that the cancer is gone and be happy that i am alright. I want to be happy but i am so depressed and all i do is worry and cry. So if there is anybody out there that wants to talk, I could use it. Thanks for listening.

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