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info on fuel and cancer

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Hello i need some help! I have been out of the Air Force for 5 years and 1 1/4 years ago found out i had Ovarian Cancer stage IIIc. I was 32 yo when they found it after complaining for years of pain while i was in and at the VA.

I had every symptom you could think of but no one even checked till i could hardly walk.

I KNOW in my heart that I have had this since i was in. Has anyone else heard of JP8 or jet fuel causing anything like this or had it. That is what i did for a job so i was around it all the time.

This is a stupid ? but how long does it take for a cancer to spread and grow? or is there anyway to find out.

I have so many ? and no where to go to ask no one will even talk to me about it like it is all hush hush. MY Dr will not ever return my calls and has no time to talk to me when i am there, just changes the subject.

last time i was at the VA the nurse told me she had another girl a little younger them me that had the same thing happen to her but of course i do not know who she is.

Thanks for reading.

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I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing getting information. I recommend you contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day and can assist you with the questions you have. They can be reached at 1-800-227-2345.

Take care,

CSN Dana

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Contact the Senator from your area. Also write to the editor of your paper. Also check on line by typing in the gas you memtioned

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I suggest you email Captain Joyce Riley (ret USAirForce) ....don't let her email address turn you off - she has GREAT advice for many many people.....she severely regrets/hates how the vets are ignored

Either google Captain Joyce Riley

or try www.gulfwarvets.com

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Thanks for the info. I have been going round and round with the VA and have gotten nowhere just a "this didn't happen when you were in." I have never had problems with the VA until now. They basicly want nothing to do with any thing that has to do with me now. I know that I had the cancer when I was in. I complained numerous times about the pain but no one would believe me until it was really bad 25X's in 5 years (just while I was out). I have went back and forth with the Disablity thing but they keep saying it was not found while I was in. I have put in for it 3X's and I just want to give up but my husband keeps telling me We can't give up that is what they want so I keep fighting it but I don't know where else to look or where to find anymore information.

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Thought i'ed drop in and see how your doing?? Did anything get resolved with the VA??
Blessings, Monty

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I have not been on in a while. I have gotten no where with the VA and have all but given up. My Doctor advised that they only look for one cancer. He advised that they are seeing alot of people my age with the same thing. I got really fustrated and now i think i would be happy just giving up on the whole thing. But I know that is where the cancer came from and when i am older and the goverment wants to say that is what is was I will just say i told them so. It will same them money if they say it didnt happen because of being around the fuel. Thanks for you concern.

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It's really sad, but this seems to be the normal operational mode of the VA. It is a $$$ thing, and they really don't even have enough to treat the cases on hand let alone those that come up after discharge/retirement. I have been fighting this battle myself and have just basically been pounding my head against a brick wall.

The only way to get the VA to pay (or talk about) this in your case is to have documentation that the cancer occured on active duty. Sucks I know, but it's pretty much the way it is. I would contact other Vet sites looking for people who may have similar circumstances, i.e. other fuelers and such, to see if any of them have developed the same cancers and if they have any groupes lobbying or the ability(ies) to get this corrected. This is the way the agent orange issue was finally taken up by the VA and unfortunately, it's going to be that way for all of us.

Good luck, and hopefully you'll find help elsewhere.

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