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Rising CEA

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Husband diagnosed crc 8/06 surgery with 15 round chemo cea went from 38 to 0.8 has been around 0.8-1.7 for the last one year pet scan 4/07 was clear.Cea Jan 08 5.8 and petscan showed increased activity in the rectum.colonoscopy today was clear.Has any one had this experience this is my first post.thanks to all of you.

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dx 4/05 Stage IV, recurrence 06 in stomach, then Oct 07 increase in CEA at first to 6 then it got as high as 16 the PET and CT were clear but my onc started me on Xeloda which is an oral chemo. I've been on the Xeloda since Oct and my CEA is down to 3.9 I'm still on the Xeloda.

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I was diagnosed on 2/05 in the ascending colon; had surgery, did chemo. Recurrance 2/06,in the left ovary and rectal area; surgery and chemo. Each time CEA rose and fell. Another recurrance 4/07-this time in both lungs and pet showed a hot spot in sigmoid area. Had lung surgery on both lungs, then colonoscopy. My surgeon said there's rarely a recurrance in the colon except around the anastamosis, so he didn't see anything inside (I was awake during to see for myself). Had surgery 12/07, CEA before was 65; tumor was connected to the outside of the rectosigmoid colon; had another resection. CEA now 1.3; they want me to do chemo again, I'm not in a hurry to do that. Good Luck to you.

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Any inflammation can make the PET scan light up. The CEA can also go up with conditions other than cancer. Hopefully they will keep watching it closely. It is possible the next one will go down but they probably should check it next month.


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