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Xeloda and Irinotecan instead of Folfox

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2nd opinion from Cancer Treatment Centers of America was Xeloda and Irinotecan instead of Folfox since my husband already had issues with numbness of feet. Has anyone done this? We are ready to change to them. Really liked their approach to treating the whole person not just the cancer. Please advise


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I believe that Xeloda is a pill form of Folfox. Which is what I've been taking alone. My onc did say that if my CEA kept going up that he would add the Irinotecan I've been lucky enough not to have that added. Best of luck.

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I did not take those two together.

I had Xeloda and Oxil together. Had to go off of that (after about 3-4 treatments)

They put me on Irinotecan and 5FU pump.

Side effects from Xeloda can be hand/foot sydrome. Hands and feet peel and get sore. If this happens, first tell your doctor and they may lower the dose. I was taking 5 pills in the morning and 5 at night.

Also, I used Eucerin cream (can get at the drug store. Get the jar). Use that all the time on feet and hands. I even got white gloves and footies to wear at night with the lotion on. Another lotion that works is by Mary Kay called Emolient Cream. that works well, too

It also may be possible that this won't happen to your husband.

I did pretty good with Irinotecan. The only problem I had with that is thinning hair.

Hope it works out for him.

My best to you both


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I am getting ready to begin my 4th cycle (in 2 days) of Xeloda. I am taking this alone, not with anything else. I began with 4 pills in the AM and 4 in the PM. Towards mid-2nd cycle, I started to get the hand-foot syndrome, mainly in the hands. Onc then reduced dosage to 3 in the AM and 3 in the PM. Third cycle turned out to be pretty miserable with feet peeling and burning, making it hard to walk, and hands peeling pretty extensively. Onc again reduced dosage to 2 in the AM and 3 in the PM. This was in the middle of the cycle. My feet improved pretty quickly, however my hands continued to worsen. This third cycle was really bad for me, as I had to start wearing the white gloves and footsies pretty much all of the time. It hurt to touch anything. My onc says that he has not seen the hand-foot syndrome as bad as I have it, so early in the treatments.
I must say, I am dreading beginning my 4th cycle of Xeloda. However, the shining light is that by the end of this cycle, I will be able to say that I am halfway finished with my treatments.
Good luck to your husband and you.

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