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klatskin tumor / radioembolization / rexin g

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healthy 73 yr old mom diagnosed with klatskins tumor - also cancer in fluids - 10 days ago - she's now depleted energy wise - losing weight - went to ny this week - sinai doctor said cant operate - suggested we see howard bruckner at cabrini - having good success with chemo regimen - then we went to sloan w/ mom - sloan med onc said she needs to get stronger - then in 2 weeks 1500mg gemcytobine 3 wks on 1 wk off - then visited with bruckner's assoc who described their regimens/approach in greater detail (gflip/gflio/poss others - bevacizumab) and successes - very enthusiastically - then met with columbia top doc who said bruckner is not a quack - legitimate controversy re different regimens - now back in phila at good local hosp near her home where she's been treated by nice intelligent med onc (prev at fox chase) chemo starts today notwithstanding sloan's suggestion to wait 2 weeks to get her stronger - he feels like needs to attack cancer in order to help strength - waiting not good idea - med onc open to discuss regimen possibilities - his own inclination is to start with gemcytobine and then add oxyplatin in a couple weeks if she gets stronger and could handle it - might even be open to diff/more combo's later - should i suggest any diff regimen - what is best out there - most hopeful - how well can it be tolerated - should we go with bruckner's gflip or gflio or a variation - is it ok to use local doctor or should we be in ny where a guy like bruckner has seen so many more of these despite the considerable inconvenience/challenge this will pose to my mom - anything else worth trying - bevacizumab? - tarceva? - any other type of therapy like targeted therapy or photodynamics or whatever - i love my mom very much and she could have gone on for another 30 dynamic years!!! - help?!?!

Just called Wake Radiology outside of Raleigh, NC - they directed me to Fox Chase Cancer Center in Phila - they directed me to sam putnam at montgomery hospital - where he apparently does many of these - but the big question i'm trying to get answered is will they do this where the cancer has metasticized and been located in the abdominal fluids?? - anyone else have any insights about this treatment - does it sound like my mother at 73 in her weakened condition would be a candidate?? - how effective?? - considerations??

anyone out there tried or familiar with rexin g in biliary cancer treatment - apparently studying it somewhere in santa monica - also apparently on a jhu message board re pancreatic cancer - read a couple messages that made it sound new and hopeful?? - what about cyberknife?? - my mom (73) was diagnosed with a klatskin tumor that has metastasized a couple weeks ago

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Dear Kenny,
You are very passionate when it comes to helping make the best medical decision for your mom. It sounds like she is a tough and strong willed woman of 73. I have no idea wish is the best decision but I would suggest you call the cancer 24 hour number at 1-800-227-2345. I did find a site that might help: http://www.huntsmancancer.org/
I wish you all the luck in your research and will keep your mother in my prayers. Angela

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