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Since we took my father home from the hospital 3 weeks ago I have not gotten any sleep.
Ever since his first ever Ct scan (august/07) he has been plagued with nocturnal urinary urgancy. (he has to go 8 times a night).
Of course now that he broke an arm in the hospital (as he was learing to walk again after being in a coma) he needs help to go at night.
My brother and I took him to the family doctor on Friday (as the oncologist has no idea what might be causing this - and my father has spent the past 8 weeks at a cancer hospital looking for cancer ...).
My father's family doctor decided to treat my father for colitis.

Has anybody else had colitis AND colon cancer?!?
(... and has anybody else had to go more during the night???)

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I am sorry for what you are currently going through, but I know your father appreciates every moment of help and understanding you are giving him.

I cannot help with the colitis question, but I will say a prayer for you and your family.........Amen.

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Thank you for your prayer!

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I was dx with colitis after being dx with colon cancer. It was about 6 months to a year later. I was having problems with my colostomy it was musuc and blood the doctors told me it was colitis. I do not faithfully take my meds there are two of them that they gave me Asacol and Canasa. However peeing at night has nothing to do with colitis as far as I know. You may want to talk to his doctor.

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The doctors theory is that if the colon get's inflamed enough the inflamation spreads to other organs. He figures the prostate is effected at night (due to the body possition) causing the bathroom problems.

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Shouldn't he be going to a urologist then? I'm not experienced with this at all, but it seems you need more than theories or guesswork.

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OK. I have to voice up. It does sound like your dad needs to see a urologist. How old is he? He may have prostate issues. When the prostate enlarges (which it can do with age - completely UNRELATED to cancer!!) Urinary frequency can occur, requiring many trips to the bathroom.

When was the last time he had his prostate examined? Try to get more info! good luck. jana

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The oncologist and the family doctor both checked out the ct-scan and x-rays and agreed that the prostate is not enlarged.
The oncologist put him on flomax for 2 months just in case - which did NOTHING.
Oddly enough this colitis medication seems to be working. (After 5 days of taking the medictation we are down to half the bathroom trips)
The doctor might be right about the inflamed colon
... .

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