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Message for MOM674

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You said you were about to start chemo and radiation. I went through that in Sept-Oct and wanted to give you a few tips to consider BEFORE you start. Things I learned the hard way that worked for me. Of course each of our situations is different. Please consider:

1) You should be using moisturizers on the area to be radiated already (pre-treatment). At least twice a day. When the radiation treatment starts make sure you go TO the treatment with the area washed clean and clear of any oil or moisturizer. Carry some in the car though and apply immediately after the treatment then frequently reapply as the day and night progresses.
2) Not knowing your chemo type or frequency, in my case it was chemo every Monday once a week. Part of my "coctail" was a high-powered steroid called Decadron. It made me wired for about 24-36 hours but then crash in the other direction. Be prepared for major fatigue at about that point. The other major thing for me was to schedule that once a week Chemo/Steroid to be after that day's radiation treatment. The reason was if I did chemo first, by the time I got to radiation I was so wired, my heart was racing and even 1 MG. of Ativan wasn't enough to allow me to go into the mask. I had to take a 2nd MG. and wait about 30 minutes. If you are not at all claustraphobic or anxious then it may not be as big a deal for you.

I have several other tips regarding oral hygiene, offsetting fatigue, diet, etc. if you are interested. Let me know............hang in there. JK

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