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no urge to urinate

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hello i wish i knew of this site a year ago,i was dx stage 3 ulcerated tumor no lymph node involvement. july 06 chemo infusion pump 5fu on 24/5, pelvic radition 6 weeks 24/5 3rd week of chemo got chemo brain and uncontrollable diarrhea.jan.07 7hr. surgery hysterectomy, and rescection. march07 kidney failure from ct scan dye.may07 removed illiostomy july 07 removed chemo port.just finished yearly checkups colonoscopy,ct scan all NED.first cea before treatment 2.5 after surgery 2.8 yearly blood test 2.7 still anemic just below normal.i lost the sensation or urge to urinate right after surgery.onc says radition radiologist says surgeon surgeon says chemo. i pretty much time myself according to liquid intake. anyone have this problem? somethings in life are difficult. cancer sucks. glad i found you out here what a great site for info. god bless you all wherever you are i share your tears,pain,and fears, but most importantly i share your hope.

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I have been struggling with this as well. Its not so much that I don't have the urge to urinate, but that I seem to leak throughout the day. I have to wear a pad on a daily basis. I was told it is a result of either the radiation or the surgery, they aren't sure. They are referring me to a urologist, so hopefully he can put an end to this nasty incontinence. Have you considered seeing a urologist yourself? I agree with you cancer sucks! Best of luck to you. Cheryl

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I am with you both!!! I had not much urge to urinate for months after surgery and chemo. Then the dreaded leakage began. Some days I'm leaky some I'm not. I had the run around also from my dr's blaming it on surgery or chemo. Anyway I went to see a urologist. He put me on Vesicare. It did help and I took it for several months. It was also recommended to do Kegal exercises and to try and empty your bladder completely when you go to the bathroom. That has seemed to help. I still occasionally have some leakage (mainly from stress) and I use a liner daily. It has improved quite a bit though. Hope it get better!!


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