Survivorship at it's Best

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I am a 4 year prostate cancer survivor in Columbus Ohio and was blessed to attend my eldest daughters wedding Feb 2nd.

Following is a link to our unique father daughter dance.

There is life after a prostate cancer diagnosis!!

Bless All!


  • fcatroneo
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    Bless you. I am a one year suvivor and I am looking forward to my 4 year anniversary.
    Love every minute.
    There is life after Prostate Cancer.

  • rogermoore
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    Congratulations on your celebration!!! We are all so excited for you and your family. Being a 7 yr survivor myself, I can appreciate your feelings.

    Congratulations again!

  • meadc
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    Congraduations, Hope you had a great time. I'm in a small town in central Ohio and my Doctor is in Columbus, Ohio, and I'm a 8 1/2 year survivor.

    I wish everyone good luck.
    May God Bless