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Does anyone know what "NOLS" in the Lung mean?

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I am recovering from Neck and Throat cancer, recently I had a Pet Scan and it was brought to my attention that there was something in my Lungs. I met a Lung Specialist at Lahey, and he told me he saw "NOLS", but he could not get a good look at them via the Pet Scan and now has ordered a CT scan for this Feb 13.
He was very nice but I had a hard time understanding his english. All i got out of it was "NOLS" with no explanation. I am about 60% recovered from the neck cancer i had removed 1 year ago, followed by Chemo/Radiation treatments which ended 8 months ago, i still can't eat food but i recently started replacing my Jevity 1.5 on the feeder with a Ensure. I will have to drink 6 ensure's a day to totally get off the feeder. i'm currently at one Ensure.
I tried to search this site and the entire web for an explanation of "NOLS" but have come up empty.
Should i be concerned going into my CT Scan?

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I did find the term Nodules on the web, Like i said my doctor did not speak very good english.

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Hello and I hope you find the answers you are looking for. I would reccommend a web site called Lung Cancer Support Community. There are many there who would be glad to answer your questions.Altho I have alot of respect for the American Cancer society there just doesnt seem to be much information or research going toward lung cancer which kills more than all the rest of the cancers.

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I am wondering if your Dr. was saying "nonsmall cell lung cancer" or NSLC. I am a 3 year survivor.

You will be in my prayers.

All the best,


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