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Stage 4 Lung Cancer

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I would love to hear from someone who has been diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell cancer. My husband was diagnosed in Nov. He seems to be doing well, but I just really don't know what to expect..it would be nice to hear of other experiences....thanks!

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I also have stage IV. I had surgery in Dec. 07 and then a second surgery in Feb. 08. This was followed by chemo which kept me cancer free for one year. I felt very good during this time. Then in Feb. 09, the cancer came back. I had yet another surgery in March 09. My cancer so far has only been in the lungs - nowhere else. I had radiation with chemo after the surgery followed by regular chemo. Now I am on a pill called Tarceva since Oct. 09.

I just want you to know that the treatments have kept me alive for more than 2 years. My quality of life is good. I still walk 1 mile perday, do my household chores, cook, and enjoy my grandchildren. I am 58 years old. I know some people struggle with the after affects of chemo, but I was lucky having minimal problems. Tarceva has a lot of side effects but nothing I can't handle.

It is your choice. Just wanted you to hear first hand from someone who has been in your shoes.

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Hello grandpa, My father-in-law (age 78) has just been diagnosed stage 4 and I am researching treatments. I was diagnosed 12 years ago with prostate cancer ( a different animal, I know) and, like you, elected no medical treatments. I would be very interested to hear of your journey.


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I am 45 and have never smoked. I was diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer in Nov of 2007. I have been off treatment since Oct of 2009. The cancer is still there but not progressing. I hope you husband is doing ok. Keep a postitve attitude. I think that does more than people realize.

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This is my first time on this site, so bear with me! I was diagnosed July 23, 2009 with stage 3 lung cancer and after a few more tests I was diagnosed with stage 4. The cancer had spread to my lymph nodes and brain. I had 5 cycles of chemo and 31 radiation treatments. It all affects people differently with different side affects. It helps to read anything and everything you can get hold of concerning cancer. Read about your diagnosos but also about other cancers. Try to go to as many appointments with him as you can and most hospitals will let you go in with him for testing; MRI,CT, and such. When I feel more comfortable I will give more info-what I know about it. The most important thing to do is hang in there and never give up! Ask doctors, patients, care-givers-whomever you meet along this path any and every question you have about cancer. No question about cancer is stupid!!! And there are a ton of questions! One last thing for today any way: some people will be negative towards your situation and you have to cut them out of your life until they change. And some never will. You and your husband need to be around positive thinkers and doers. I hope I have helped you some and you will hear from me again. STAY STRONG!!! With love to all, sunshine45

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My best friend was diagnosed with cancer a week ago. He has kidney cancer and lung cancer (stage 4). He is 36 and has had a history of depression which he was on medication for. They are not sure which one was the source but they have said to him that he will be getting chemotherapy as his treatment. I am not sure why they wont attempt to surgically remove both cancers? If only chemo is used, does that mean the doctors think it is the only treatment that will help? they think surgery is pointless? I am very confused and I think we are all still in denial about this. What can his friends/family do to help him through this? can we pray for a miracle :( ?

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My father was recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and is just about finished with radiation treatment. He received 10 treatments to his chest and head and has 2 more treatments scheduled just to his head. We talk to the oncologist tomorrow morning to talk about chemo. I am very concerned because they told my father that he would be lucky to make it to Christmas, and now they want to do chemo. He has already been having side effects to the radiation and the decadron that they put him on. I am very concerned with the chemo because my father wants to enjoy his last days with his family, not be sick his last days. I will let you know what I find out tomorrow after talking to the doctor.

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Hi Jol

I was reading your post and wanted to introduce myself to you.

My dad has lung cancer as well. He has Epithelioid Mesothelioma.

The oncologist told us that there are only 1500 cases of this in the US.

My dad did Chemo 1st, only 2 rounds - it did not work so they stopped. The side effects of the chemo for him were not so bad. The cancer actually advanced.

The surgeon decided to go ahead with surgery to remove his lung. Surgery was not successful. It was to advanced. Tumor was plastered to his ribs.

Now he started radiation. They said that they would like to give him 25 rounds of radiation and that it is very invasive. They told him that if it gets to be to much for him they will stop.

I just had some questions for you. What kind of side effects did your dad have with the radiation?

I will keep you, your dad and family in my prayers at this difficult time.


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I'm new here but my husband was diagnosed with nsclc in October. It is stage 4 and has gone to the liver. We have been through four rounds of cisplatin, xgeva, genzmar and a bone shot because he had some - not much in the bones. After the first two rounds the tumors shrunk by 50percent. After the fourth round the lung tumor looked like scar tissue and he could barely see any cancer in the liver. I am calling it a miracle. Now we are on avastin and bone shots only until they re scan. They want to re scan in 2 - 3 months but we prefer 2. He fells better now not taking the cisplatin. Energy level still low though. How old is your husband? Mine will be 59 in April. Needless to say we were totally devasted.


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