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OK, it's getting slow in here........

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Since I have no new news or questions guess I'll get this started.
Just wondering where everyone is from?
I am from Portland,Tennessee and was treated at Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville.

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Hey Bill,
OK, I'll bite (no pun intended!) I live in Greensboro, NC and am treated here at the Regional Cancer Center. This area is fortunate to have Duke, Wake Forest Baptist MC,and UNC Med. Center all within an hour from here. If one place doesn't have your specialty the next one will. Here at the Regional Cancer Center there are no H&N specialist however there is a Dental Oncologist. It was conveinient for me to have my treatments here but, I will have no problem moving on if my Doc's keep answering 'I don't know' to every question I have regarding my voice, swallowing, neck pain and swelling. Another fine example of this was when I was dehydrated from chemo sickness both the radiologist and oncologist said it wasn't due to their treatment. So, what did cause me to throw up nonstop for days on end? 'I don't know', the usual answer.
I am having my first PET scan tomorrow. I am pretty anxious. I have not had the tube in the throat or nose yet. That may come this week too.
Thanks to the info I get here I feel I can at least know some of the questions to ask.
Thanks for all you add to the group Bill.


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No news is good news. Just like no doctor's appointments (fewer visits) is good. I was treated at the Stanford Cancer in Palo Alto (Northern California). Great teaching hospital. They have the "Cyberknife".

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Southern California....just north of Palm Springs.Treated at the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage

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Hi Bill,
Slow ain't all bad unless your going through treatment...I was one year post treatment on August 16, 2008. Seen my medical oncologist on August 18, 2008 and received a clean bill of health. Yea!!! I call Missoula, Montana home and was treated right here in "River City". We're very fortunate in that Missoula is an exceptionally beautiful place to live and subsequently it attracts some great Docs. I was treated by two of the very best. I consider myself very fortunate for having received the quality medical care that I did. Don't know that the care could have been any better any place else. Wishing you all the very best!

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I live in Gainesville Florida and was treated at the University of Florida Cancer Center

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Hi All,I'm from Pennsylvania and I had my treatment in Pittsburgh

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