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Hello everyone,

I heard about a really interesting special on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric this Thursday, January 31 (tomorrow).
This report uncovers the death of a U.S. marine due to military medical malpractice - a death that could have been avoided. Everyone should tune in this Thursday for more on military misdiagnosis and this family's tragic story. For more info, see below.

Military Doctors misdiagnose a Marine serving in Iraq, leading to death

The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric will have a report this Thursday about how military medical malpractice killed Sgt. Carmelo Rodriquez, a marine who served in Iraq. CBS News Bryon Pitts investigates in a heart wrenching extensive story, how military doctor's misdiagnosed melanoma to be a harmless wart. Pitts met the marine, child and family by his side, 8 minutes before his death caused by Stage 4 melanoma.

His family insisted to be interviewed instead because they say Sgt. Rodriguez "...said don't let this be it. Don't let this be it. Fight! That's what we're doing. We're going to fight for him." Laws prohibit the family to sue the military and his family had to pay for the funeral.

According a veterans group that track soldiers who are misdiagnosed. There are hundreds of misdiagnosed cases across the country.

The full story will broadcast Thursday on the CBS Evening News at 6:30 EDT. It will reveal startling details about how family members of deceased servicemen and women have no legal recourse when malpractice among military medical doctors leads to irrevocable harm - and even death.

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please take a look at this:



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I disagree with one thing you said. There are no laws that keep the family from suing the military doctors. I testified in one of these cases at one time. A family was suing the Air Force doctors who did not treat their mother's broken foot, just said it was a sprain and part of the bone traveled the blood stream and ended up in her heart, killing her. I was in the x-ray room when the portable x-ray machine ran over the woman's foot and nobody tried to help her at the time and I found out later they wouldn't even x-ray her foot. Just examined it and said it was just a bad bruise or a sprain.

The family won for $250,000.

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