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Surgeon - Input/Experiences?

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Input & recommendations are appreciated. We have read all the great reviews about Dr. Tewari at Cornell. We have spoke with them and while we are willing to travel, we are unsure of the insurance coverage - it may be a factor. We are also VERY interested in people's experience with Dr. Patel, who also claims to have done 2000 robotic surgeries. He was at Ohio State for 2 years and just this January has relocated to Florida. And we also have the option at Henry Ford of Dr. Manen, who has trained many others - and Dr. Peabody who is also at Henry Ford. Any experiences appreciated.

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NO Replies?

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When attempting to obtain verifiable information on any surgeon, you're going to hear only what the source provides. I would suggest focusing on the clinic as opposed to the surgeon. All major, NCI-designated cancer clinics in the U.S. will have genitourinary centers having in-depth experience and expertise in any number of procedures. Type "best hospitals" in your browser window, then select the category, "cancer."

The list that pops up is the best of the best. However, if you really want to go high-tech, you might want to see if you're a candidate for proton beam therapy:


Best of Luck

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My research prior to surgery was that all of thr ones you mentioned in the original post were very good at the Robotic process. I happened to use one in Austin Tx with no problems.

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