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colorectal cancer

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it was picked up during yearly checkup with PET scan. Removed and he is healing. Doctor says chemo with port and pump (48 hours on and 12 days) off for 8 times. Chemo really did a number on him last time and we were dreading it again. My husband is 78 years old with prostate cancer in 2000 (with surgery) and colon cancer in 2004.

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Praying for you.

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If he can take that chemo it's the most powerful concoction out there.
Your husband survived it once already - you'll know what to look for and ask for help or advise if it get's too much to handle.

My father (70 years old) didn't do so well with the port and pump (but he opted for a study drug on top of the regular treatment). The port is being taken out next week and he is continuing with a pill treatment.

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Sorry for what you have to go through---again. He beat it before;he can beat it again! I'm sure that you are a big help to him. Stay positive and keep the faith. My prayers are with you and your husband.


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sending prayers and maybe the regimen they put him on will not give him such a rough time this time around. Not sure what he had before or how long ago he had the previous regimen, but be sure to report any serious side effects to the doc should they occur. Adjustments in dosage can sometimes produce less side effects. God Bless,

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My thoughts and prayers are with both of you. Audrey

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