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Incision swelling

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I had lung surgery on the lower left lobe Oct. 16th 2007. The incision was about 5" long. It hasn't felt right since it healed and now that I'm using the left hand more, it is feeling worse. Last night I had a sharp pain twice, then it got very swollen up. Looked like a potato was under the skin. I put an ice pack on it before going to bed and the swelling went down in a few hours. This morning it started swelling again without any pain (just a little uncomfortable), but it did it twice so far today. What could be causing the swelling? Has anyone had this happen to them? Thanks for any replys.

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You could be having a stitch abscess. Sometimes the body rejects some of the buried stitches. If that is it it is not major. Check with your doctor or the surgeon.


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You definitely want to check w/your doc on anything that seems abnormal. It could be a hematoma or an infection. Give your doc a call.

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When I had my colon resection surgery in Feb 07, I ended up with an infection in the incision and had to go back under the knife to re-open a small section and clean out. After that it healed just fine.

I agree with the others, check with your surgeon and/or doctor to get their reaction and recommendation.

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