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Can anyone tell how being a diabetic will affect my treatment

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The person to ask is your doctor. Diabetes varies in its severity and also varies in its effects on various body parts. It frequently affects the circulation, so surgeons should evaluate what they are going to do, if anything, and be prepared for problems before they happen. Sometimes folks I know with diabetes heal slower than normal. That doesn't mean not to do surgery. It just means be careful. Diabetes can also affect how your system handles medicines, so your oncologist should determine which meds will have the best effects at stopping the cancer while also having the least negative side effects. Most of my friends with diabetes have been told to watch their diet. Some cancer treatments play havoc with appetites. That will affect your insulin levels. Talk to ALL your specialists about how to keep things working. The same diet that is protective when you have diabetes is the best for protecting you from cancer reoccurance.

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