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Peyronies Disease

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Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. I suspect that my erection problems that have been diagnosed as Peyronies disease resulted from the radiation I had aimed at my pelvic region for rectal cancer. Has anyone else ever had this and have you had successful treatment?

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Hey Mark, I have not had this experience myself but I know this was addressed a few weeks ago on the colorectal board, you may want to check there.
good Luck.
Mark In Minnesota

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Joined: Jan 2004

After not being able to attain an erection for over 8 years after having intensive chemo and radiation I had that problem and looked it up on the web. One of the suggested causes were from wearing tight jocky style underwear. So I switched to boxers and looser pants and I took vitamin E and B 12 as was suggested and the problem went away. I'm not saying it's a cure or anything just that it worked for me. I did discuss this with my doctor and he said that if it worked to go for it. He didn't have any better suggestions.

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