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Update on Mom

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My mom is very distended in the stomach, she is complaining about feeling full all the time, she lost alot of weight (skeleton look to her, I am very concerned). she eats some porridge and pears in the morning and herbal teas (no caffeine)and a little soup for lunch and supper, she has a couple of little bowel movements a day, but gets very cramped up and pain when she goes to the toilet. any advice????? (remember she is on nothing, just at home, they gave up on her colon/liver/lung stage 4 cancer 2 months ago when they suspected a leak in her colon)

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Check with the doctor. I've been having similiar problems (no colon left) and working with my doctor - I have about 4 ounces of yogurt every few hours, no more than 4 ounces of soup at one time and frequent sips of water. Very frequently to avoid dehydration but not a so much at one time to cause more distension. Also a single cracker now and then. Pears and porridge would really hurt me right now.
Hope this helps.

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Whenever I get out of sorts, I return to the BRAT (Banannas, Rice, Applesauce, Tea) diet for a few days. And LOTS of water, as much as she can stand....flushes things thru.

Are they going to do any followup with her? I would call the doctor...just to find out what you can do....

Hugs, Kathi

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