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has this ever happened to you

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I had a CAT scan & MRI on my head yesterday. I took some Ambien CR last week and wound up having some bad headaches. They scheduled me for the scan & MRI and I got the results back today. I have a small lesion (about a centimeter) in the lower left part of my brain. The doctors think radiation will take care of it. I Have told me mother, husband, and children that I plan to take the radiation. I have been crying every since. I started out with colon cancer in April 2003 and had some lung nodules being treated for. I will keep standing on the word of God. No weapon formed against man shall prosper, it won't work. Say amen somebody!!! My husband had throat cancer in 2006 and doing great. We both retired and enjoying life.

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God bless you. I know how you feel - you can read some of my rants on the Breast Cancer site. I'm now undergoing testing for complications of my colon cancer surgery and it gets tough when it just doesn't seem to stop. You think you're finished and can move on and then something new happens. I have friends like you who had cancer together a few years ago and they were a beautiful couple who enjoyed their lives and each other. You are blessed with that! Keep on enjoying your life while you handle this next pothole in the road!

Best of luck

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I am so sorry to hear your news about the small lesion. It's good that the doctors feel radiation will take care of it -- and you are so brave and strong in your decision to take that path. I am due to have a brain scan in a couple of weeks. My doc told me that chemo (at least the chemo I was on) cannot cross the blood/brain barrier, so metastisis to the brain is always a possibility. I have a similar history to you (rectal cancer 2003, some lung nodules since). I love your spirit. AMEN. Wishing you and your husband MANY more years together, enjoying retirement and life.

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I am glad to read that docs feel radiation will take care of the lesion. Keep fighting the fight and enjoying retirement with your husband. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers..Bless you, Audrey.

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