Sutent Side Effect: Epileptic Seizure

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My father was diagnosed with RCC about three months ago. Because his affected kidney can't be removed right away, he was put on Sutent prior to the operation. He is on a 4-week on 2 week-off cycle. During the third week of the first cycle, he had an epileptic seizure. He was taken off the medecine for three weeks and fully recovered. He then started his second cycle (with anti-epileptic medecine added to his regimen, just to be sure), but just had two much more severe epileptic seizures, which we hope he will recover from.

I was wondering whether anyone has had of heard of this violent side-effect? If so, could you please let me know what course of action was subsequently followed? Was treatment discontinued? Was the dosage reduced?

I would greatly appreciate any information you may have on this topic.

Thank you very much in advance!