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Straight Talk About Treating Liver Tumors Webinar

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Dr. Charlie Nutting presents "Yttrium 90 Radioembolization (SIR-spheres or Therasphere) of Hepatic Malignancies"

Date & Time:
01/31/08 2:00 pm (US/Eastern)
Duration: 60 minutes

Speaker Information:
Dr. Charlie Nutting is a fellowship trained, board certified interventional radiologist specializing in Interventional Oncology procedures. He was the first physician in the United States to perform hepatic radioembolization with SIR-Spheres in March, 2002. Since then he has performed over 300 radioembolizations utilizing both Therasphere and SIR-spheres products. He has been co-author on several important clinical papers regarding the use of radioactive microspheres. "Taking advantage of the tumor's own increased blood supply is what is so elegant about the delivery of radioactive microspheres. We can target very high radiation doses into the tumors and sill relatively spare the normal liver tissue." His practice also includes chemoembolization as well as image guided radiofrequency ablation of liver, kidney, and lung tumors.

You can register at:

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Suzanne? Is that you? Have you joined the forum?
Maybe different Suzanne. Anyway, if it is you, welcome! Please design your personal web page if you get a chance!

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Thanks for the info....I've added it to my schedule!

Hugs, kathi

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I think you were the one on the call today. I would love to know your story. My dad will be getting the treatment on 2/14.

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