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Hey everyone. My name is Farrah. I am 20 years old and was diagnosed with Cancer in Oct. 2007 and had my surgery Nov.19th 2007. I am undergoing radiation now and honestly Im scared to death. I dont know how to cope with everything going on right now..

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Hi Farrah,
I am so sorry to hear about everything. I am 26 now but was 24 when I was diagnosed, had surgery, radiation, and chemo. I finished treatment in April and am cancer free today.
What type of cancer were you diagnosed with? What will happen after radiation? I know this is such a hard time. Try to stay postive. Write back when you can.

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I am so glad to hear that everything is going well for you today! I have Parotid Salivary Gland Cancer.. or ... Head and Neck Cancer..I dont know what will happen after.. thats why i am so scared.. having to sit and wonder whats going to happen next.

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Farrah you have come to the right place. There are many young survivors here to talk to and lean on. I am a 26 year old Lung Cancer Survivor. I will be 5 years cancer free this coming april. Being Scared is a typical responce. I think its best to talk to others about your fears and here is the perfect place to do it because you are not alone. If you ever want to talk feel free to email me on here. At first I didnt know how to cope either and I was scared. Its hard.


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Hey Farrah Im 27 and on my second bout with cervical cancer. We all understand as young people how confused it can make you feel. Especially being young. I have two babies myself and a husband and I am going through heqavy counciling. I suggest you do the same. I began to "check out" mentally and withdrawl because I didn't want them all to see me in the state treatment puts you in. If you start noticing your behaviour or feelings change I strongly recommend going and talking with a professional it is helping me cope better this time around and my fmaily is appreciating it too!

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Hey Dude I was there too, it has been now almost a year. The one thing I can tell you is Keep up the faith and also be postive. The way I thought of my tumor was as if it was a bad cold. Trust me it was hard to do all the 6 cycles that the Doctors gave me but here I am today. 10 Months after the Surgery and I am still going strong. By the way I am alomost 31 years old and continue living for my son and wife.

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Hi Farrah,
I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosage. I had leukemia 1990 when I was five, I'm 23 now. I had three years of chemo but not radiation so I really know what that's like but I do understand where you're coming from. Humor is how I cope with mine and talking about it helps me learn to accept the the fact that I did have cancer when I was little girl and I'm fine now. I know that might hard you to accpet right now because you just got diganosed but you will get better, and you'll be stronger because of it. Try to be positive and you'll be ok.

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