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glioblastoma multiforme

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July 28, 2007 is when I took my dad to the hospitial because we had thought that he had a stroke. He was having weakness on the left side of his body and memory loss. The ER docs did a cat scan and they found the tumor. Aug 3, 2007 they operated on him and were only able to remove the top half of it and they told me he had 6-12 to live. My dad was on Temodor and radation for 8wks and did really well on it. He had no side effects while doing the treatment. He had 2 grand mal seziures, came out of those good. In October he had a focal seziure and has never recovered from it. He is in hospice care now in a nursing facility. This has been so hard for me because I am the only child. I am a single mother of a two year old. What bothers me the most is that My son will never have his grandfather to teach him the things that he wanted to. I think everything about this is so unfair and I feel like I have no place to turn to help with the emotional stress. If anyone has any ideas, please share them.

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I'm sorry and I feel your pain.. I've been there. My mother pasted away in June from GBM IV..Hang in there it is not easy.
try to start a journal for your son so that you will be able to give him something to know your father by..and it might help you with this all also.
good Luck

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Thank you. It's not easy, being the only child and my dad being divorced, that leaves only me. I think starting a journal is a wonderful idea and I think it will help me by remembering all the good times.

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I meant to click on breast but I am glad to be here. I really can understand how sad you feel about your son not knowing his grandfather. My dad died from cancer when my oldest girl was nine months old. My father in law died when she was two months old. My younger girl was born after they died. So, neither one really new either one.
I am sorry for your loss. It was very hard to get on with it but my young child kept me going and future focused.

I think a scrapbook is a great idea and it may let you heal too. Find those pictures of your father with your son if you have them. Also, write some letters about the times you spent together, what grandpa said and did - especially include those about your son. Any award, articles, diploms - whatever represents what your father thought was important to pass on. Keep a picture around and talk about your father.

Later on, you will see your father in your son. Some things are genetic and it's unbelievable how your father will have passed on some things that way. Even without genes, something special happens between grandparents and little ones that sticks.

If you find a community of faith to give your son a sense of family, it will include men of all ages. Any mentor your son finds may teach him things your father wanted to. You can remind your son that "grandpa thought that was important and I know he would be glad you learned it."

My kids are now 15 and 11. Hope that helps telling you about what worked and how it looks years down the road. A big hug for you and your son.

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Boy ,do i know what your going through my brother had a stroke in june 07 he is 43 years old a massive bleed on the right side they said he would not make it ,but he did then in oct 07 fresh out of rehab.he started having sesures and they did a cat scan and found a tumor. come to find out it was the tumor that caused the bleed but it was such a big bleed that it covered the tumor well he had surgery and removed as much as possible then started chemo & rad. now 7 months out he is home . doing well, finished his first round of chemo & rad hes weak but has a great sense of humor,i have so many un-ansered questions . they now say he has 6/12 months even with therp. Im so sorry about your father but if you start a jurnal i think it will help you and your child, I did and it helps god bless you and yours and keep the faith.stay in touch this site helps just knowing your not alone.

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I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Treasure all your time with him. I go and just sit with my dad while he's sleeping and I find comfort in listening to him breath. Most of the time he does not make sense when he talks to me, but every now and then something funny comes out and I have to write it down so I can pass that on to my son. Since I have put my story out here I feel so much better to be able to connect with people that understand the pain and sorrow that I am going through. Thank you

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Please also remember to take excellent care of yourself as hard as it is to be a single mother and to care for your father.

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Thank You, You also do the same!

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