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WooHoo! another clean PET scan!

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Thank God for modern meds, great doctors, and the support I get from everyone here and in other parts of my life! (and mostly my Girlfreind,Jane)
I get so nervous before a scan or test it screws up the few days prior to the test, but as usual, the doctors were right!
I hope everyone is doing as well as I am feeling at this moment. I know it is easy to get depressed and wonder if it will ever get better, I was there not too long ago. But trust me, for the majority of us, it does get better!
My thoughts, prayers, and best wishes go out to all going through what we all have, hang in there!

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I am very happy for you, Bill. I know well how it feels, the anxiety and fear just before follow-up tests. And when the test results are negative, the elation is increible.

Congrats on your test results and I hope it continues that way!!

Take care.

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WooHooHooooooo!!! I'm really thrilled for you.
Very good news. Keep on trucking... All the best, Paula

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i'm so happy for you bill! i was scared to death before my last pet scan too, and was totally relieved when it came back negative. keep us posted. i'm still struggling with learning how to eat again! :-(

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Thank God! I'm so happy for you Bill. My first post treatment PET is coming up Feb.4 and like you, I'm getting more nervous the closer I get.

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Congratulations! I had my first one in December, four years after treatment. I guess that it's once a year for me now.

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