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Searching for local information

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Just diagnosed with PC. Gleason 4. PSA 6. Bone Scan clear today. Wet CT scan of abdomen in november good. CBC's good. I am otherwise very healthy 53 year old. Alkaline Phostabase good need to check Prostatic Acid in a week.

It seems pretty clear that this little puppy needs to come out. Also this site seems to like Robotic very much. I am just outside Chicago any experiences or recomendations for Doc's and Hosp's. My Doc does not do Robotics and is some what discouraging of new ways. His hospital is rated poor for this type of work.

Thanks, Frank

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I agree with you, Robotics is the gold standard. Look on the following website: www.davincisurgery.com This website will give you the locations of robotic machines in your area. Then you need to find an experience surgeon.
Make sure your surgeon is experienced (min 400 procedures).
You can also look up Dr. Tewari. He is in NY. He is the best robotic surgeon in the country (if not the world). He is still doing procedures. Don't be afraid to travel if necessary to find the right surgeon. You will be glad you did.
Keep us posted on your progress.

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So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. However, you can be assured of good information and support from people on this site. We have all been exactly where you are now.

It sounds like you have found the cancer in it's early stages and that is very good. Also, it appears, from all indications, that it is still confined to the prostate gland. That is VERY good!!!

Sorry, but I can't be of any help in locating a local surgeon for you (I had the conventional RP in 2001 in Nashville) but it sounds like Frank gave you a good direction to follow. If your Dr. considers robotic to be "new" then he must have been hiding under a leaf somewhere. Although my outcome was flawless, if I were to have it done today I would definitely go the robotic way.

Be SURE you are comfortable with whatever procedure and surgeon you choose, because they will have control over your quality of life for years to come.

Best of luck and keep us posted.


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Congrats on the early find. I live in Columbus Ohio and used Dr. John Burgers at Riverside hospital after extensive research. He specializes
in prostate cancer and was on the team that developed the "nerve sparing" procedure a few years ago.

Regardless of who you use the advice you are getting is good. Only use a surgeon who does allot of this operation and does the robotic
procedure. Don't be afraid to travel if necessary. There is a HUGE difference in the skill levels of surgeons.

Best wishes

Ron C

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I am looking at Dr. Burgers too. I live in Columbus. You found him to be good/ He seems extremly good but I am having trouble finding confirmations.

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Google the da Vinci proceedure, their home website may list doctors by region. That's how I found mine. jj

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Hi, Frank. I do not know if you have found the info you were looking for, but I thought I would write and let you know how mine went. I had the robotics done at MD Anderson in Houston last month, and am pleased with how it went. Out of the hospital the next day, and have not needed any thing stronger than tylenol after three or four days. I am still getting my head on straight, as this is alot to get a grip on. I am 51, had a PSA of 5.71, gleason of 7. Still have not recieved my final results, but go back in a couple of weeks for the follow up checkups. I recomend their hospital strongly, if it is possible for you to travel there. Great doctors and staff, to say the least. They will take the time to listen to all your questions, and answer them.I hope all is going well for you, and if you have any questions you want to ask on my experience with the proceedure, let me know. I know that I felt lost for quite awhile, but there is more good info in the posts here, and lots of people that will share. Take care.

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