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Agent Orange

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Are there any `children` of Vietnam Veterans out there who have been diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma?!?!? i know that the pamphlets that are sent out each month say only spina bifida for a possible side effect in children, but if the vets can get NHL, why cant it be passed through their blood into their children? my dad is a vietnam vet and i had NHL, so i was just wondering if there are anymore out there like me.... thanks!!! ~jody

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Hello Jody,

You may want to post your question on the Military Cancer Survivors discussion board to see if perhaps somewhere there someone has had a similar experience.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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thank you so much for that Dana... i wasnt sure where to post it so i will do it now... thanks again!!!! ~jody

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Yes, I was in VNam fr 1965-66 and exposed to agt orange. About four yrs ago my daughter(age 34) was diagnosed with NHL and was treated and now in remission.

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