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5 years

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It's been 5 years since I was diagnosed with rectal cancer (stage III). I wish I could say I am 5 years NED and "cured". That is not the case. I have had two recurrences (both solitary mets in the lung -- treated with surgery followed by chemo). However, I am NED TODAY -- and have been since my last surgery a year ago. I'm writing because I just want to say how thrilled I am to have survived these 5 years. I feel I have already "beat the odds", to some degree. At the time of my diagnosis, my two boys were 10 and 12. Now, they are 15 and 17 -- young men, almost fully-grown, their personalities essentially shaped. I'm so grateful I have been able to be around for them for these 5 years! I also want to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge this wonderful board and 'family'. It -- and you -- have been such an important source of knowledge and support to me over the last 5 years. Who knows what the future holds. But, for now I am feeling GREAT. I'm training for a 50 km hike -- and just joyous to be alive! I hope that my 'story' may serve as some support, perhaps for someone newly diagnosed or facing the fear of a recurrence.

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Thank you for posting, it is so healing to read about survivors. I wish you many more years with your family. I was diagnosed Stage 4 rectal cancer and my 2 year mark was Oct. 12th, 2007. I will have a new cat scan scheduled tomorrow because there were 2 suspicious spots in my left lung in Oct. so we are going to check for changes etc. Here it is 2008 and I am blessed to be here too. Hugs, Audrey.

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Best of luck with your scan tomorrow. Will be thinking of you, and sending best wishes your way. Please let us know results.

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Tara, Your post is upbeat and inspirational especially to recent survivors.Congratulations on your sucesses and best wishes for many more.haar

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Yay, Tara! It is so inspiring to everyone to hear such a great survival story. Many more healthy NED years to you!!!

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Oh My Gosh,
I love hearing stories like yours. I know it hasnt been a picnic but to be 5 years out is wonderful. God is Good!! Thanks for sharing.

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Hey, Hey, Hey,
I have always believed that prayer can change things and for anyone who does not I have absolute proof. Last week I had a mammogram, 2 lumps found, went back in this week for an ultrasound, the dr said we need to do a needle biopsy on both lumps and possibly surgery. I was freaked, I just recovered from rectal surgery, chemo, radiation. I ask for you all to pray and today the nurse called me back and said the dr that looked at my mammogram was unfamiliar with my last mammogram one year ago. Turns out nothing had changed just a few fibroid cysts which I have had for many years(my Mom has fibroid cysts too). Talk about Happy Naked Dance, I am right behind you Tara.
Thanks again for your prayers and dont ever doubt the power of God.
Love, Robin

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Tara, Congratulations on your anniversary! I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer almost exactly 9 years ago when my children were 1, 3 and 6. My children are now 9, 12 and 15 and well on their way in life. I prayed for five years with them and already have 9 in the bank. While considered cured, I still consider every year a complete bonus! I have seen my children through school, basketball, skating, musicals, and event the New York State cross-country (running) championship (my daughter finished 34th in the state for the smallest schools division). I have put murderers and sexual abuseres behind bars (I am a prosecutor), run races as fast as pre-cancer and even saved some money for my kids college. I revel in those victories and refuse to dwell on the "unfairness" of being diagnosed with such a humbling disease at the age of 36. You have the right attitude. Every day is worth living and every day, for each of us, is a bonus. Best wishes!

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Great news! One question, did you have chemo again after surgery and if so, are you still taking it? I may have surgery the end of the month and am wondering. Thanks in advance and again, so happy for you...hope you celebrated!

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I did have chemo after surgery. As you are probably aware, this is a controversial topic, and there is not much scientific evidence available to support either way. My doctors and I decided to go ahead with chemo -- "mop up" chemo. Since I am young (sort of!) and healthy. I was happy to take this more aggressive/conserative approach. I had 6 mos of chemo after surgery. Feel free to email me about this if you wish. Good luck with your decision-making.

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Congratulations! I love to hear stories like your's.


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You are now considered an "oldie" of the sight and CONGRATS on the NED. Have you done the HAPPY NAKED DANCE?

It brings a smile to my face to hear stories like yours :)

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Yay! That is such awesome news. I was just wondering where and when you are doing your hike??
Susan H.

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I live in Hong Kong so the hike will be here. I've given myself 12 months (ie next Dec). But I also have a Big Birthday coming up in May (50!) so I may shoot for that.....it's a beautiful trail -- through real countryside -- lots of hills!

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I am so happy for you. I can't believe the guys are 15 and 17 now!!!!!! You were one of the first I "met" when I joined the board 4 years ago. I think of you everytime I rubbed my finger over my "lance bracelet" since we all got ours about the same time!!!!!!

Hugs and have a wonderful 2008!!!!

Lisa P.

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That is great news!!!

Congratulations, and thank you for sharing. You are such an inspiration to all of us!!!

God bless,


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Awesome, Tara. Five years is great! NED now - NED 5 years from now. So nice to hear.


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Congrats! and thanks for sharing. Terrific news and keep the faith! God Bless

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What great news. WOOOHOOO!!! Congratulations!!

I am right behind you. In March it will be 5 years since my diagnosis. You were so helpful to me during those early days. Thanks again for all your help.


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Yea! Congratulations. Those hills in HK will be good workouts. So happy for you. Thought of you when we were in HK (and Oberlin).


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Isn't life awesome?

that is very cool about your 50km hike! YOU GO GIRL!

It will be great when you post in another 5 years!

peace, emily the juice chick

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Congratulations Tara! I'm so happy for you! Your story is inspirational and very helpful to me. Thanks for posting this.
Take care and enjoy 2008!

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That's fantastic news. Your story is really inspirational.

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Awesome! I have followed your posts since I started in 9/06 and you are an inspiration

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It was great to read your post; you have been so strong in this fight. Enjoy every step of your hike and every day of your life! Judy

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You'll be ready for that hike in May! Besides, December is too cold (burr). I wish I could go with you!
Take care and keep on keepin on,

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Congratulations!! Excellent...thank you for sharing.

Good luck on the hike!


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CONGRATS on the 5 yr mark and many more to come I'm sure!

Lisa F.

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It's people like you that give hope to me and other posters on this board. Truely inspirational...Keep up the good work.

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