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I have been diagnosed with both renal cell in the kidney & lungs, & adeno cell in the esophagus. Since March 07 I have had my left kidney removed, then double dose of chemo & radiation followed in August by laproscopic surgery of the esophagus. Then after 5 weeks recovery we started Nexavar for the lungs. When I say we I include my wife who has been my rock & soul mate. This is harder on her than me but she is holding it together. After 3 months of Nexavar a cat scan was done showing a slight increase in my lungs and also a new mass starting on my kidney. Oncologist is putting me on sutent because of all of the adverse reactions I had encountered with Nexavar and from what I have been reading I have not lost my sanity yet. This is the roughest challenge I have ever faced in my life and have had the fortune to see my 70th birthday and look foward to the fight ahead. For all of you in all stages enjoy your life one day at a time and don't forget to tell you spouse over and over that you love her. Every night after supper we turn on the radio and dance and hold each other like we did before the beast struck. Your caregiver needs your support don't forget


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    My husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer Sept.2006. The tumor is massive, size of a football and it has spread to the lungs and the adrenal glands. We were advised traditional treatment would not help and surgery was too risky. His team of oncologists in Vancouver, B.C. Canada put him on sutent in Feb. 2007. Since then, he has had 2 CT scans which have shown that the tumor has shrunk about 3/4 inch x 1/2 inch and the nodes in the lungs have gone from the size of a toonie(your silver dollar) to the size of a nickel. He has no serious side effects and has been on the sutent for almost 1 year now. His biggest difficulty is with his feet. Skin peels off in thick layers and extremely sensitive. We have found that the cream "Udderly Smooth" helps with the burning as it keeps the skin moist. However, he is able to putter on renos at home. We feel that the sutent is most definitely working for him.